The Secret of the Necromancer

Try to get out of this video game!


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The Secret of the Necromancer is a graphic adventure featuring three adolescents who get trapped inside a horror video game. At the beginning of the adventure, you have to choose one of the three characters who you have to help rescue his or her two friends. And it's not going to be easy.

The gameplay in The Secret of the Necromancer is traditional for the genre: you just have to tap the screen to carry out contextual actions. For example, if you touch a door you'll go through it to the next setting; if you touch an object, you'll grab it and add it to your inventory; and if you touch any other element, you can look at it.

The game's story develops gradually as you explore the settings and solve some of the puzzles. To solve most of the of puzzles, you have to do exactly what you'd expect to do in a graphic adventure: use the objects in your inventory with other elements around you. Just like it should be.

The Secret of the Necromancer is an excellent traditional graphic adventure with a charming story and beautiful graphics. It's a real gift for fans of the genre ... or anyone who wants to play a quality game.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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